💀 𝔊𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔩 💀 A resource featuring various articles and tutorials focused on the Goth and Punk subcultures (most of the interactive stuff doesn't work anymore, but the various error pages are quite entertaining). A seemingly endless rabbit hole of 90's content, containing zines and Usenet articles galore, as well as a Siouxsie and the Banshees page.

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Lilith's Coffin Last updated in 2012, this is a Spanish-language personal blog mainly focused on dark art as well as black and gothic metal. There is also some fashion-related content. The text is styled in painfully tiny blackletter, which isn't very easy to read, but looks cool.

Tattered Rags Doll Gallery Creepy cloth dolls made by Jodi Cain, available for sale through this site or on her Etsy shop.

Viona-Art Fantasy photography with dark, mystical, and fairytale themes, often centered around female subjects. This is a Model Mayhem profile which was active between 2008 and 2011. The artist's personal site appears to be defunct.

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GawthDecor GothFaeri's compilation of creative tips for decorating your space on a budget, with sections on painting walls, lampshades, and window treatments. // GawthPallor Also from GothFaeri, recipes for skin-lightening concoctions and advice for those who are hell-bent on getting as pale as humanly possible.

Gothic Martha Stewart "DIY Home Decor for the Morbidly Inclined," with an assortment of craft projects and design themes such as Victorian, Techno-Modern, Cemetery, Egyptian, and Punk.

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Amphigory Started in 1996, Amphigory is run by a couple in Indiana. They mostly used to sell cosmetics, along with some wigs, jewelry, and ritual supplies. Cosmetics were not branded and presumably independently made. I used to get their white and lavender loose powders. Click "site map" for full navigation. This is an archived version of the site circa 2005; the current site can be found here. (All cosmetics are discontinued, and as of 2022 they only sell wigs, incense and oils.)

EvilNeedles A collective of women who modified band t-shirts into dresses and tops. There's a large variety of bands, with a few goth bands here and there. A majority of the images are accessible. They also have a bio and a section promoting new music releases. Last modified in 2005, this is an archived version of the site circa 2006.

GoodGoth Their online shop sells clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and novelties. In business since 1996. This is an archived version of the site circa 2004; the current site can be found here.

Ipso Facto Ipso Facto sells Gothic clothing and music while also creating a space for art and events. Their physical store has been open since 1989 in the Los Angeles area; they also have a YouTube channel. // Stone 588 Band Page The music project of Ipso Facto founder Terri Kennedy. Their old Geocities page is here.

Kambriel Elegant and romantic historically-inspired clothing. Kambriel has been around since 1994, and the eponymous designer is a friend of Neil Gaiman, who frequently models her creations. This is an archived version of the site circa 2005; the current site can be found here. Also accessible through panel on right

Radiance Bound Collars and bondage accessories with an elegant touch. Images are only viewable as thumbnails, and some don't load, but you can get a decent idea. This is an archived version of the site circa 2008.

Rose Mortem Legendary Goth designer active from the 90's through the teens, Rose Mortem created romantic dresses and skirts with lots of velvet, corset lacing, and sheer, flowing fabrics. Images and navigation links are functional. Bio under Details. This is an archived version of the site circa 2006.

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A Crazy Thing Called Goth Heretic's Goth page, including an explanation of Trenchcoat Day and a compilation of Goth Jokes.

How to be Goth (in less than an hour) An amusingly satirical tutorial for would-be goths, divided into six illustrated steps.

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The Dead Lounge A virtual lounge, home to delightfully dark time-wasters including The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator, Gothic Ipsum, The Gothic Offramp, and Sarco's Blood Bar & Grill.

The Freak Test From Chateau Bizarre, an online boutique of miscellaneous oddities. This test contains humorously specific items such as "You've gone out to the club in eveningwear and woad." Unfortunately it will not yield a score, as clicking "Am I truly a Little Dark Pumpkin of the Night?" simply reloads the test page. This is an archived version of the site circa 2004.

The Goth Test Version 1.1 Not meant to be taken seriously, this test includes some obscure questions like "Do you tie an obscene number of scarves to your waist?" Clicking the green link at the bottom will take you to some other tests, such as The Insanity Test, The Dr. Seuss Purity Test, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show Quiz. // Pendragon's Place The homepage of Goth Test creator Wayne Michael Owens, last updated around 2002. Contains sections on Goth, Vampires, and Computers.


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The Autumn Cemetery Text Completed in 1996, this literary work by Lloyd Warren Ravlin III (a.k.a. September) offers a unique perspective on Goth, advice for newcomers, and some cool poetry (the "crucifix" and "grimoire" sections are no longer accessible, but I may upload my own copy in the future). "Bone-Chilling Literary Culture" featuring darkly-themed short stories and book reviews, as well as a forum. This is an archived version of the site circa 2006; the current site can be found here.

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Cinema Strange // The Deadfly Ensemble The now-defunct official website of Lucas Lanthier's two bands, Cinema Strange and the Deadfly Ensemble. (CS) Most photos are inaccessible and many links direct to error pages, but much of the text content is still there, including lyrics. The links to the articles are all dead. I have print copies of a few of the articles which I may upload. (DE) Only the Main and Gigography sections are functional.

Cruxshadows A history of the band, with links to detailed profiles of each band member, including lists of likes, dislikes, favorite quotes, etc. The site also contains lyrics, album info, and even a functional guestbook. However, a number of the navigation links no longer work or direct to empty pages. Clicking "Home" will take you to the current version of the site.

Dichroic Mirror Another lesser-known 90's band associated with Stone 588 (see "Ipso Facto" under category Fashion), with whom they frequently collaborated. Contains a bio, discography, lyrics, photos, etc. All links are functional.

Fear Cult The old website of the band Fear Cult, last active in 2004. // Newgrave Magazine A magazine created by Fear Cult frontman Matt Riser. It is out of print, but a digital version of the first issue from Aug/Sept 2000 (London After Midnight) can be found here. // Lola Goth Also from Matt Riser, a Gothic Lolita-type character that appeared on various merchandise. The design gallery and arcade are no longer available because they ran on Flash.

London After Midnight This site is currently active, but looks like it hasn't been redesigned since the noughts. It has news, interviews, music, lyrics, pretty much anything you might be looking for. The news and tour dates are current, but the most recent photos are from 2007.

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The Goth Code Version 2.5A Posted on Usenet by Peter T. Caffin in 1996, this describes an elaborate system for distilling your personality, interests, occupation, location, etc. into a code which could be used in online interactions.

Taphophilia "A repository of morbid curiosities" covering "thanatology and taphophile issues, cemetery, funeral industry and death-related news." Most of the links lead to dead ends (hah) but some content is still accessible. Try the Taphophilia Interests section, or What's At Taphophilia? > "Archived Articles", where you can find such gems as "3 siblings lived with dead parent for nearly a decade, police in Japan." This is an archived version of the site circa 2005.


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